Out of my Comfort Zone 

 Walking into Class

Heart racing

As I scanned the room

Where to place my yoga mat

No! Not in the middle of the room

Out of my comfort zone

What would they think

As I glanced at my teacher, I received

A reassuring smile

So, on the exhale and than the inhale

I ventured out

Into the open

As I sat in virasana

I came into the present moment

My self-conscious thoughts fell away

It didnít matter

That I felt so obvious

In my shorts and tank top

My body size didnít matter

I stepped out of fear in my head

And into the stillness of

The moment


Yoga Is

 A path, a doorway

Into something deeper

A transformational process

Ever evolving

Never ending

Always beginning

Changing form inside out

Ever evolving

Into something new

 Showing Up

 Itís been over two years

And Iím still showing up

Always beginning

Each time a new

Standing Still

Working in the pose

Benefits too numerous to list

Union of body and mind

Spiritual growth

Never knowing what to expect

How will my body respond today

Sometimes stiff

At other times

Somewhat more flexible

And Iím still showing up

There is nothing to understand

 or to know

Just remember to

Experience the experience


Along the path

 Ego free

Challenge without judgment

Open heart and mind

Sense of humor in everything

Compare only self from day to day

 Observing others with a open heart

Find your edge and enjoy

Allow strength

Let go and Feel

Relax into your self