Desert Yoga

Yoga For Vets Program

  Finding "Peace" in Iraq

Destin Yoga by the Sea's Kyle Wannigman serving in Iraq!


Crescent Moon Pose


Floating Half Moon Pose


Warrior Three Pose


Upward Facing Dog Pose


Prayer hand Twist Pose

Bound Side Angle Pose


Side Plank in Tree Pose


Star Pose


Scale Pose


Crow Pose

Five Point Start Pose

Warrior II Pose

Wheel Pose (on a wing)


Warrior III Pose


Tree Pose


Crescent Moon Pose



"Even when there's no light at the end of the tunnel, when u look back, there's always two set of footprints.." -Kyle Wannigman



Your an Inspiration to us all!

Thank you Kyle for you service! So Proud of you!


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Wheel Pose

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