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 Desert Yoga ~ Kyle in Iraq 


Destin Yoga is part of the Yoga For Vets Program




~The Yoga For Vets Program~


New to Yoga Vets~ First Four Classes Free 


Continue on with a Discounted Class Fee of $5 for beach

Special discounts at Studio E

for all Military and Families


(Good for Beach  Classes)


Yoga For Vets was launched by registered yoga teacher and former Navy diver 

Paul Zipes in 2007 out of Panama City Beach, Florida 

The yoga community is very concerned about our returning troops and prior war vets.  Giving 4 free yoga lessons is away to welcome them back to America, and a small way to thank our men and women for their service while opening them up to the many benefits of yoga. At best, some vets are finding yoga helps symptoms of PTSD and trauma.  At the very least,  yoga is fun and healthy. At Destin Yoga we extend the discount to the familes as well who may even have a loved one over seas now and in need of peace of mind for the moment.   



Thank you for your service!



                          Fellow Destin Yogis


For More Information, Visit Yoga For Vets Program Web site


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