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June 4, 2008
Yoga & Pilates by the Sea
Cybertribe, Deuter, Kamal

Skilled and certified Pilates–yoga instructor Rhonda Comparin has been making mix CDs for her classes for years before New Earth records approached her about making this CD. She picked her favorite tracks and synched them into the perfect order for the right postures and mind-sets. The resultant Yoga and Pilates by the Sea comes to us shipshape and time-proven. Put it on and you can feel your whole body respond to tonalities and time signatures scientifically formulated to guide listeners into trances, activating nerve centers, and releasing toxins throughout the endocrine system. As for the artists, Cybertribe is a sophisticated instrumental ensemble that mixes electronica and tribal beats (their tracks constitute the middle part—the body movement and poses); Kamal and Deutuer are both highly respected and successful New Age composers whose comparatively tranquil pieces are for warm-ups and closing meditations.

The album opens with Deuter's "Sea & Silence." Lapping waves prefigure minimalist, single-note piano signatures and soul-stirring waves of synthesizer ambience. It's the perfect way to come into the moment and prepare for a yoga or Pilates session. By the time you get to the Cybertribe segments, you will be warmed up and ready to move. "Reaching Motherland" offers a steady, moving break beat, succinctly strummed acoustic-guitar accents, and clattering rain sticks and chimes, creating a sensual and safe space to indulge in the languorous pleasures of simple, synchronized bodily movement.

The final track is Kamal's beautiful "Water Healing," which ends the session on a tranquil note of meditation and stillness. Rustling, soft percussion, cloudlike bell echoes, rains, and gentle flowing waters move assemblage points to places of perfect relaxation. The flow of energy in the soul-mind-body system becomes perfectly aligned with the flow of the earth's water and gravitational pulls. After it's over you'll be energized and deeply rested, rooted to the positive life forces within and without. With the album's liquid feel and ample yet judicious use of ambient, natural water sounds, you won't need to be anywhere near a body of water to enjoy Yoga & Pilates by the Sea. Just put it on some morning when the sun is shining through the window, maybe rub some cocoa butter on yourself, and you'll feel the sand, sun, and surf no matter where you are.

Yoga & Pilates by the Sea
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2008/06/04 09:32 AM

This is definitely a gift today. The cadence found throughout each piece takes one on a journey. A journeys perhaps through time, perhaps space, perhaps within. We spoke of movement yesterday. In the beginning there is a quiet introspective feel. In the middle we begin to feel the movement, and even to desire the movement. At the end, we dance to the new found self and revel in the inspiration we have found from within.

I have to say this is one of the nicest pieces I have heard in a while. I wanted to purchase it immediately but will do so tonight when I can register it to my mac and have the ability to recreate and extend it's listening avenues.

Great find. It has me compliments and recommendation!


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Cybertribe, Deuter, Kamal

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