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Yamas and Niyamas - Guidelines for Conscious Living

Destin Yoga by the Sea honors the roots of yoga...


This is a very simple way to explain a small part of a very long journey that should be enjoyed along the way to ones chosen path.

Yamas ~ Guidelines for how we interact with the outer world.  Social disciplines to guide us in our relationships with others, with relation to the yoga poses.  

~The five Yamas are~ 

Ahimsa ~Non-Violence, Maintaining Compassion (being kind to (all) as well as yourself in the pose, do not judge yourself or others) 
Asteyaor ~Truth (your truth)...(except where you are in the pose)
Satya ~ Non- Stealing (coveting) (don't compare or compete with others in the class that may be deeper in a pose, don't hold back on your potential in the pose)
Brahmacharya ~ Moderation (do not push to hard or force the pose)
Aparigraha ~ Non- possessiveness or non-attachment (to let go, focus on the present moment, open in the pose, stretch)


Niyamas ~ How we interact with ourselves, our internal world .Niyama is about self-regulation harnesses the energy generated from our yoga practice, helping us maintain a positive environment in which to grow on our own chosen spiritual path or style of yoga.

~The five Niyamas are~

Shaucha ~ Cleanliness or Purity (sweat or toxic out impurities in the body- in styles like Power Flow, the release of tensions in the muscles)
SantoshaTapas ~ Contentment (can be a uplifting challenge in an intense stretching pose such as Hero)
Swadhyaya ~ Austerity or Discipline (focusing on alignment, engaging muscles needed for the strength needed for active poses) 
Ishwara ~ study or self study (simple learning how your body works and feels in the poses, "Listen to your body" Consistently practicing and growing)
Pranidhana ~  Surrender (allowing release in the pose, the posture of yoga mudra when your head is below your heart is a symbol of surrender, relax and "Just Be") 

by Rhonda Comparin

Destin Yoga by the Sea Classes honor the roots of Yoga without imposing religious rituals that conflict with Christianity .