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What is Yoga?  

Yoga is not a workout, religion or a fad.

Yoga is about awareness, about being fully alive in each moment, about finding a deep sense of well-being and inner strength by connecting the mind and body through the energy of the breath.  This breath “prana” or life force will help develop an energy and radiance that will spread to all areas of your life!  

 The word “yoga” is derived from the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit, and it means literally union, "to yoke," bringing together aspects of self. Yoga is an ancient system, with hundreds of forms and styles. Yoga is a practice which strives to unite the body, mind and breath, creating greater balance and harmony among all of the body systems. When something has been around for thousands of years, it's not a fad!

Through the time-tested practice of yoga, you'll begin to move with greater fluidity, ease, flexibility, grace, and authenticity.


Yoga poses are endless. The only destination is to go inside and feel.  The results are remarkable!

Yoga is not a Religion 

 The practice of Yoga here in the West in itself has nothing to do with any one religion.  Part of the confusion of yoga is that it is an ancient practice used in some forms of religion such a Hinduism which include Buddhism, the Sikh and the Jain religions. The most popular styles of yoga offered in the United States do not impose religious traditions that would conflict with the main stream U.S. Religions. But are the physical practice of yoga, which is a long journey of learning the poses and transitions with attention on the breath.  Simply learning to focus the mind to discipline the body...keeping spirituality personal, a clear and peaceful mind is the result... allowing us to connect deeper in our personal faith. When starting a new class ask the teacher to be very clear in what they teach on "spirituality".  You may also research to make sure it is in-line with your personal beliefs and teachings. Yoga is meant to be a "peaceful" practice not one that should make you uncomfortable. Listen to your heart. 

Yamas and Niyamas 

  The Yamas and Niyamas are ten good common-sense guidelines suitable for all faiths for leading a healthier, happier life... without imposing any one spiritual path

. "Practice working "In"...than out

It takes practice to develop the skill of concentration and self awareness. That’s why we refer to yoga not as a workout but as a “ Yoga Practice” yet the Benefits are immediate.  

Yoga helps us get back to who we really are outside of the worlds distractions. Yoga does all this by quieting and focusing the mind, strengthening the body, and invigorating ones spirit. 

  It’s in the practice that we get the benefits not in the perfection of the poses. The Power lies in the practice.  

Yoga, Sports and Life

Yoga is a great way to add cross training to your program. Yoga goes beyond the benefits of sports exercise. Exercises often take our minds away from ourselves as we focus outside the body.  Yoga focuses the mind inwardly, so we can experience what it means to really “Be”  in the moment, calmly observing what's happing inside the body while in the asana (exercise). The poses in yoga simply offer an opportunity to bring openness, lightness and release to any areas in the body that are blocked by tension. Yoga is unique in that it stretches your tight muscles and strengthens your weak muscles, improves range of motion and  creates balance in the body.  The breath is the tool to making this connection. Specific breathing exercises and patterns, in coordination with the movements and postures, help to keep the mind present in the practice for improved concentration.  This is the reason for the growing popularity for athletes (need of concentration for golf,  tennis or swimming for example). Simply using the breath to calm the mind in order to direct attention, allowing time to release or direct the muscles.  Many millions practice yoga for its asanas, its physical exercises, which are regularly acclaimed to be extraordinarily healthy by many doctors around the world. Yoga can help to check any imbalance in muscular development and will enable both your body and your mind to function more efficiently. If your body is flexible and supple you will be less prone to injuries. Whatever sport practiced or lack of activity, yoga can enhance and complement your ability.

Yoga for you!  

There is also a wide misconception that in order to do yoga one must be flexible. Yoga is accessible to anyone, any age or physical condition.  If you can breath you can do yoga.  Yoga is not about flexibility or achieving a “the” perfect pose. Yoga is about experiencing yourself in the present moment, about staying calm and focused even when in a challenging situation. It is not about how far the body can stretch, but instead how deeply you breathe in the posture. 

 Learning yoga is called a practice because it takes time for the moves to become second nature and effortless.  You want to move with conscious power, skill and grace (even when falling out of a balance pose).  Persistence and patience are two of the most important lessons that yoga teaches us.  Just have patience with your body. The efforts of yoga are cumulative. You’ll continue to develop a more profound sense of peace, strength, and joy as you progress with your practice. It’s the consistency of the practice that’s more important than the ability to do any certain pose. You will be amazed and rewarded with how quickly your body will respond if you just do a little bit each day. Your body is perfectly capable of adapting to the demands you will begin placing on it in your practice, IF you give it the care and respect it deserves! True fulfillment happens when you discover how to find your limits and safely, gently, begin to expand them. 

 Within yoga’s ability to create total well-being and a desire for a healthier life style, lies the ability to reduce excess weight promoting weight loss.  The Metabolism System is the chemical processes that creates energy in the body  regulated by the endocrine system, especially the thyroid. Yoga has a powerful stimulating and strengthening effect on the endocrine organs, thus can boost metabolism to burn more calories. Yoga improves self-esteem, increases mental focus, reduces stress, promotes flexibility and increases strength, endurance and balance.  You may eventually find that you think more clearly, feel more creative, or simply become more at peace with yourself and life in general. As you move, you tune-in to the messages sent by your body while you develop a greater awareness of yourself and the importance of living in the present moment.

 by Rhonda Comparin

Yoga is being totally present in the moment, breathing in life, focusing, enjoying, being aware, finding joy in every experience.

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Namasté Rhonda 


We promote a flowing mixture of the physical moving meditative forms of yoga including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Slow Flow,  Core Power Yoga, Yogalattés and Pilates Mat classes.

Destin Yoga by the Sea honors the roots of yoga without imposing the preconceived spiritual practices of other programs. Our role is to guide students to make their practice their own and their intention personal - each student is encouraged to embark on their own journey. As is often said in class, “I am only here to be your guide. You know your body best, listen to it and follow your intuition.”