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Standing Asanas





Virabhadrasana II             Warrior Two  Pose          Proud Warrior 













  Reverse Warrior                         Peaceful Warrior  Pose  











Utthita Parsvakonasana          Lateral Angle          Extended Side Angle Pose  







Bound Variations...




 Utkata Konasana~ Goddess Pose or Victory Squat



   Humble Warrior Prep


Parighasana          Gate Pose


Parivrtta Parsvakonasana                    Revolved Side Angle 

 Bound Version 

Prayer Twist 

Prayer Twist in Crescent  Pose


     Crescent  Pose Variation


Low Lung Crescent



Proposal Pose



Utthita Trikonasana            Triangle Pose  








Extended Triangle

Half-bind  Extended Triangle

Peaceful Triangle 


Wide Angle Triangle Pose



Parivrtta Trikonasana 

Revolved Triangle Pose





Utthita Bhujangasana                Standing Cobra Pose

Half moon Stretch Pose



Utkatasana             Chair Pose            Fierce Pose


     Parivritta Utkatasana        Prayer Twist in Chair Pose


 Virabhadrasana I            Warrior One           Exalted Warrior



 ... Open Hearted


...In Eagle



Virabhadrasana        (Humble) Warrior Pose


Balanced Warrior Angle Pose



Parshvottanasana          Pyramid in Namasté  


Arm Balance / Inversions Page

Balance Poses Page

Seated Poses





More Pose and  infor on the poses to come.

Destin Yoga Pictures on the Beach in Destin Florida.   Still many Variations to the poses shown.

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