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~New to Yoga worries~ 


First timers no worries;;;;

Friday Slow Flow 8:30am

Fluid Flow for all levels (slow flow/power mix)


Don't be afraid of "Power Yoga" it is not the most advanced style out there.  Simply the western style of astanga yoga that evolved out of the set series. Students and teachers back in the 90's created the style in there personal practice including Rhonda inspired by Bob Marley.  Many beginners got there start in a power level and are bored at lower levels.  Power yoga offers modifications for all the poses, using the same ashtaga breath patterns and poses in motion.


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Destin Yoga by the Sea offers classes for all to start practicing yoga now. Beginners are joining in weekly...  

Yoga can help you reconnect with your energy, bring every cell and muscle back to life, lift your heart!  A yoga class gives you time to be with yourself every week -- observing, learning something new, feeling your body get stronger, squeezing out tense muscles, calming down . . . and experiencing the simplicity and relief of just being the "essential you" for an hour and a half. Don't worry about keeping up or the perfect pose we all had to start somewhere!


 Be kind to yourself and have a sense of humor! 


 Beginners are welcome to any class level 1-2 or 1-3.  These classes will offer modifications for the newcomer while introducing more advanced variations and more fluid transitions meant to excite the new and returning student with the endless possibilities. Now that even though this is a class, it is encouraged to be a self "practice".  This is not like a Step or jazzercise class were all are "doing" the something.  You may notice some taking a child pose brake to rest and reconnect with the breath or others off in a crazy looking pretzel pose or adding in extra Chaturanga's (tricep push-ups).  If  find yourself out of sink with the rest of class no worries, we all may vary breath rhythmus and some transitions from pose to pose are best to move into at your own pace. Take extra time if needed or desired in a pose or skip a pose that may not be right for you in the moment.  Unsure what to do or losing control of the breath, find Down Dog or Childs Pose and ease yourself back in the "flow" when ready.  If you find yourself on the opposite leg, don't "think" you are "doing it wrong"... just even out on the next round.  Classes are never pre-planed by the teacher but evolve with the energy of the class and from class to class students will observe there own energy levels vary from class to class, some poses coming with more or less ease.  So just enjoy the moment!


Never judge yoga or yourself, on the first few classes... in-time intuitions will kick-in and you will find "your" place.


  • Try to arrive on time in order to settle in and align yourself  with your purpose for attending class. Any questions or concerns you may have will be happily addressed.  First timers are even welcome to observe a class before joining in.  If you are running worries...just take your own warm-up and join-in when ready.

  • Classes are done barefoot on a yoga mat (extra mats are available to barrow). It is customary to leave your shoes, cell phone outside the door before coming into a yoga room (or on your mat at the beach)... symbolic of leaving the cares, worries and negative energy of the world outside - not bringing it into the practice space.

  • Classes are done on an empty stomach… it is best to not eat a heavy meal 2-4 hours before attending class, the body functions with a lot more ease if it is not also busy digesting food. 

  • Drink plenty of water prior to class or have some handy if you need some in class (best room temp). Cold water cools the inner heat (what the yogis call "tapas") that helps makes the body flexible. Do drink plenty of water after class to flush out released toxins.

  • No perfume please, being mindful of your neighbor’s space and their visibility of the teacher. 

  • Bring a towel, you are sure to "detox" or you may need to place under your knee or use as a seat or pillow.

  • Let your teacher know about injuries or conditions that might affect your practice. This will help her make suggestions to make your practice safer and more enjoyable. If you are injured or tired, skip poses you can't or shouldn't do or try a modified version.  

  • Bring an open mind…remember that the essence of a yoga practice is the study of self.  Avoid observing other students and comparing yourself to them (fine to look at others to see what's going on...than check back inside). How deeply you go into a pose doesn't matter as much as how deeply you go within yourself and learn the mechanics of your body and how it best works in the poses. Use your inner attention.  

  • There is no one way to do a pose... find the firm foundations for proper alignment best you can (in-time it will be intuitive) and...learn to make the pose your own. Every Pose starts from the ground up.. so stay aware and focused on the basic alignment principals (simple where to place your hands and feet and flow up and out from there). Stay with the breath, "be" clam in each moment and that is all there is to perfect Yoga!


If you need to leave problem...take a moment and close your practice with a calming pose.

Remember that we all have unique body types with different life experiences. Listen to "your" body (not your mat neighbor's body that may have her foot wrapped around her head) and learn to follow the modifications given by the teacher that make the pose most enjoyable for you Get the most out of classes by working at the level that works best for your body type or injuries and limitations you may have.  Never be afraid or embarrassed to come out of a posture before others do or before being told to do so by the teacher.  If you are feeling pain or discomfort back off or come out of the pose.  Everyday your body will have a different endurance level and your yoga practice will help to increase your awareness of this.  If your breath becomes to rapid or mind to scatter allow yourself a brake to reconnect mind, body and breath by resting in a relaxing pose.   Enjoy yourself and have fun with your yoga  "practice".  Explore- expand, mind- body and each class will come with more ease.  Most important... stay in the present moment with your practice… this will magically carry over into your daily life creating clarity, balance and joy for yourself and for others you come in contact with.



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