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 Rhonda Comparin

Rhonda Comparin began her love of fitness and Yoga study in the mid 1980's. She was introduced to Pilates while living in the Caribbean. She delved in many styles of yoga over the years.  Ashtanga being her first classes gave her the passions to "flow" before it was a common style. She developed her own "free style Power flow yoga" in her personal practice in the earlier 90's and started teaching soon after.  She devoted many years in extensive  training in Vinyasa Yoga with master certifications as well as to earn multiple certifications in personal training, Hatha Yoga and Pilates throughout the 90's.  



Rhonda has managed various health clubs over the years.  She introduced yoga programs in multiple clubs in Atlanta, Ga. Capitalizing on her vast experience in different forms of yoga she created a unique (at the time) free flowing form of yoga (Vinyasa) linking one pose to the next with the breath.  Believing that Yoga and Pilates naturally go together in class form, she began creating a class in 1997 combining the two.  In 1998 she named her unique class Yogalattés (yoga- for yoga...lattés for Pilates with a kick like latté the espresso drink).  She was the first in Atlanta to start this now very popular class.

 As students grow in Rhonda's Power classes she now  does a Core Power Yoga  Class... applying more of a Yoga Bandha  approach to the poses along with Pilates for added core conditioning ...allowing students to deepen in their yoga practice.

Rhonda moved to Destin in 2003 and was very happy to bring her her love of  Yoga to her favorite place (the beach!) She tied together the beauty of yoga and the beach to refined her Beach classes that have been  a great tourist attractions and a locals favorite. 


Rhonda is most passionate about traditional Yoga and her favorite class to teach is Power Yoga Flow ( a vinyasa yoga based  flow class with emphasis on alignment, consciousness and communication with the body) where she can be most creative and has been on a 15 year journey developing this very popular class. (power yoga class pictures). Rhonda introduced her still one of a kind style of Power Yoga to the emerald coast with a growing group of committed students.  She fells the deepest gratitude and fulfillment for the opportunity to share the beauty of yoga with others. What she finds most rewarding though, is working with beginners on the journey. She has introduced yoga to visitors of different age groups in Destin, who then chose to continue their practice when they returned to their home towns. and share with her their continued journey on their next visit.

  Rhonda is always creating new original unique flows, allowing her students to  always enjoy and benefit from new, different and challenging classes.  She says  "The greatest reward is sharing my love of yoga with my students and seeing them grow in the practice themselves". 

Yoga Is 

 A path, a doorway

Into something deeper

A transformational process

Ever evolving

Never ending

Always beginning

Changing form inside out

Ever evolving  

 Ego free 


Challenge without judgment

Open heart and mind

Sense of humor in everything

Compare only self from day to day

 Observing others with a open heart

Find your edge and enjoy

Allow strength

Let go and Feel

Relax into your self


(St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands) more pictures


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